About western power

Company Capability


     Engineering & Technology

     Western Power stands in the front of boiler power technology all the time and keeps in advance of technology development. The company established a top ranking technological R&D center, equiped with furnace combustion and burner cold state experimental devices, circulating fluidized bed burning experimental devices, electronic universal experimental machine and direct reading spectrograph. Boiler simulation test, water dynamic test, material and soldering performance test and blow test, stress and strain analysis test for pressure parts are conducted for boiler research and development.
     Designing and manufacturing biomass fired boilers, vibrating boiler grate, sealing device of water wall and water cooled vibrating  grate are our patented technologies, besides which the company have various technologies of boiler designing and manufacturing, for instance, the advanced technology of furnace combustion, etc.. Computer software of 3D Thermal Transmission Simulation system, advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAPP (Computer-Aided Process Planning) are used in boiler designing and R&D.

     Western Power constantly focuses, all the time, on design and manufacturing of various large and medium sized utility boilers and research-development of world-advanced power technology. Through strengthening technical development, information exchange and cooperation with famous multinationals, scientific research institutes and universities, such as Andritz, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), China Academy of Engineering Physics, Thermal Power Research Institute and Tsinghua University, Western Power successfully developed various advanced and new boiler technologies firing fuels of pulverized coal, coal gangue, petrol coke, oil shale, oil gas and blast furnace gas. The company also dedicates to the development and utilization of biomass resources which are abundant in amount, renewable, environment protected and sustainable; as well as other resources such as of oil shale, oily residue and sludge generated from water treatment.

     Manufacturing Capability

     Western Power, with the annual throughput of 5000MW, has a long manufacturing history and solid manufacturing strength, is a scale manufacturing base of water wall, steam drum & header, coil pipe, etc, with over 800 large special machineries and other equipment, such as brand new water wall automatic production line, coil pipe automatic production line, steam drum, header production line, DZ-4/500 4Mev linear accelerator, 100Ci Co-60 radiation source inspection device, MPM 8 torches, NZMS 1600×12 membrane gas-shield welding machine, hot wire TIG welding machine, PW1600 horizontal tube bender(in rows), 100/2000×3000 3-roller Coiling Machine, 17.5×4×3.5m heat treatment stove, C5225E/16-1 dual-pole vertical lathe, 200 ton heavy adjustable trolley, 200 ton heavy electric flat carriage, etc.



12-torch MPM Waterwall Tube Panel Welding Machine                          C5225E/16-1 Dual -pole Vertical Lath  


                                         T6113A Horizontal Boring Machine                                             WZZG89M Tube Butt Welding Machine (TIG+LG)


                        8/12/20 Torches Gas-shield MPM Welding Machine for Membrane Wall                     PW1600 Tube Bender (in rows)


                             Hot Wire Tube Butt Automatic Welding Machine (TIG+LR)                                    3-roller Coiling Machine


                                    4Mev Stationary-wave Electric Linear Accelerator                          Trolley-type Heat Treatment Stove(17.5×4.5×3.5m)

                                    for NDE 100Ci Co-60 Radiation Source Inspection Equipment